The Wadjet Eye

Read more about the Wadjet eye in my latest book – Henry T Dalrymple and the Golden Eye of Huni.

copper wadjet eyeThe Wadjet is a very special Egyptian symbol which has many different meanings. When it is the Eye of Horus, it brings peace, happiness and prosperity but when it is the Eye of Sekhmet it brings death, fire and destruction.

Sekhmet is the Daughter of Ra, the Egyptian sun god. She was known as the Mistress of Dread and the Lady of Slaughter. She was created by Ra from a fiery Eye, to destroy his mortal enemies. However at the end of the battle, Sekhmet’s bloodlust was not satisfied and her one desire was to destroy all humanity.

You will meet this delightful lady and many other unusual characters in my book, due for release very soon.


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