Christine was born in a neat tidy suburb of Sydney, Australia, where she shared a home with her mum and dad, older brother, nana, a series of stray dogs and cats and a budgie called Pretty Boy. Being a tomboy from the start, Christine spent her early years playing football, forts and swinging from gum trees in which she and her friends had created various hideouts. It was a kids world where imagination reigned supreme and many happy hours were spent tunnelling through the long grass of the paddocks at the bottom of the garden, all thoughts of snakes and other nasties blissfully ignored. Today those glorious paddocks and trees are just happy memories, replaced long ago by acres of houses and roads.

Christine age 7
Christine the tomboy, aged 7

Christine went on to complete her HSC at a local Sydney High School where her love of English, languages and drama caused her teacher to suggest applying for NIDA – The National Institute of Dramatic Art. She was accepted at the young age of 17 and graduated with a Diploma of Acting.

There followed various acting roles in TV and theatre until it was time to start a family. With two children to look after, Christine took up many part-time jobs to help with the family finances; merchandising, creating desserts for a friends restaurant and teaching drama at night college to name a few. During this time her favourite escape was always books and reading. And it was during these years that she started to experiment with writing.

In 1995, Christine decided it was time to return to studies and chose the fascinating world of plants. After graduating in Horticulture she turned to her other deep interests – the mysteries of Ancient Egypt and the old world religions – spending hours in the Adyar Library in Sydney reading up on the occult.

Christine now has her own nursery in the beautiful Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia, where she lives with her husband, Piercarlo and cat, Yuki.


“Living here in these glorious mountains makes me feel I have come home.”


Favourite Books

“The Empress holds the Key” and “The Disappearance of Anna Popov” by Gabriel Farago

The Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva

Detective Inspector Tony McLean series by James Oswald

“The Hundred Foot Journey” by Richard C Morris

Commissario Brunetti series by Donna Leon

Harry Potter series by J K Rowling

“Palace of Tears” by Julian Leatherdale


Personal Interests

Books, Nature, Ancient Mysteries, Family, Friends, Knowledge.


Author Profile

Christine is an author, actress and businesswoman. “Henry T Dalrymple and the Golden Eye of Huni” is her first book for children and is in the process of being published. She is in the process of writing the second book in the series, “Henry T Dalrymple and the Temple of Man.”  Her characters are from both the animal and human world and follow the exploits of the heroes, Henry T and Octavius, in their quest to save the planet.


Book Genre

Adventure and mystery for 8 years +


MoshPit Publishing

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